Watery eggs, Rubber Chicken and Vegetable Medley.

The business networking circuit is a great place to get the word out about your business, but when is it too much networking.

Yes you would think that once you are not getting any work done because of all of the networking you are doing then you are doing too much networking. But I think that once you start gaining 20 pounds from all of the breakfasts, luncheons and dinners these groups have then that is too much networking…

It wouldn’t be so bad if they would serve something that is dietetic like salads and light portions. But everyone of the meetings I have attended in the last year has had the ‘watery eggs’ for breakfast, the ‘rubber chicken’ buffet lunch and the ‘side of beef’ dinners with a infamous ‘vegetable medley’.

What is up with this? OH, well, I guess it is about the business networking, not the food…right? WRONG? Let me tell you, at my Networking Group it will be all about the food and wine since when you come off the golf course at the IBGS Golf Networking Outing, the networking doesn’t stop when you finish the scoring, the main event is when you get into the clubhouse and you have something to eat and drink to finish what you were talking about during your Business Golf…

Stay tuned for more on the IBGS Golf Networking and find out why you will never want to go back to Watery eggs, rubber chicken and the vegetable medley…


About The Author: As President of Innovative Business Golf Solutions, Scot Duke provides over 31 years of corporate management experience to helping small businesses secure their client and custoemr base while growing soild business relationships. Learn more about Busienss Golf in…

How To Play Business Golf http://www.innovativebusinessgolf.com/business_golf/cb_order.html

visit http://www.innovativebusinessgolf.com or Scot can be reached by info@innovativebusinessgolf.com or 214 549-0306.


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