Business Golf: Why use it

I have been writing about Business Golf for more than three months now and did not know it. Now I am about to launch an E-book that brings to light to golfers and business people alike on How To Play Business Golf.

Since entering into semi-retirement almost a year ago I have averaged receiving at least one invitation a week to play a round of golf with someone who want to talk to me. Coming from corporate America with more training in operations management that some of the kids with MBA, people want to spend time with me to get my take on how businesses should be run and products should be marketed.

Most of business people I have problems with are the ones who want harvest my list of business connections and personal friends I have gathered over the past 31 years. Then there are a few who want to consult me in one direction or another. The bottomline is none of them, that is right, none of them have a clue on How To Play Business Golf.

I will leave it to you to read the details in my upcoming book, but overall the biggest mistake these men and women are making is trying to make the Hard Sale on the golf course. It does not make sense and is probably the worst thing anyone who is trying to improve their business can do.
I’ll get back to you with more on how to improve you business bottomline, work towards a more profitable approach to doing business, Business in general, Golf and, my very favorite subject…. Business Golf



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2 responses to “Business Golf: Why use it

  1. Friend of DUKE

    OK, Looks Good, I look forward to hearing about what it is you are doing..Welcome to the world of Blogging. Since I have knowledge of what you know about the busienss world and the golf industry you should get a lot attention on this subject. I will keep in touch…

  2. F of D,
    Great to hear from you and thanks for being my first blogger. For about five years I have been ready what others on the internet are saying about Busienss Golf. And over the past 15 year with my involvement with the members of the local PGA section, what these few authors are saying about BG is not exactly correct. I have been taking notes for 15 years on golf and how business owners who want to use golf as a marketing tool are all going about it ineffectively. Stay tuned. I will be adding to what others have to say about Business Golf. Good to hear from you…

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